The book was reviewed in the Sunday Tribune on 31 March 2013:

NUCLEAR energy has been heralded as a magical solution to all of India’s energy woes and people
have been awaiting that magical unfolding of events for many a decade now. What has been sold to the
ordinary man as a dream for unlimited, clean and cheap energy has not been able to hit the mark
even after much research and spending lots of money. The debate about nuclear energy cannot
just be dismissed as it being good or bad. It calls for serious discussion about its viability. M.V. Ramana’s
book, The Power of Promise — Examining Nuclear Energy in India, explores the possibility of providing
enough energy to feed the growing needs of a developing nation from the viewpoint of someone
who is well-versed with the subject. He examines the effectiveness of using a fuel that is one of the most toxic fuels in the world and is capable of having serious world-wide negative implications. The waste that is generated in facilities where nuclear reactions are carried out for production of electricity is also toxic and resistant to bio-degradation, thereby
poisoning the environment around it permanently. It was touted as a cheap fuel but has cost billions of rupees to set up the units to generate energy and for research, without much success. The book is a must read for anyone interested
in knowing the future of India, based on nuclear energy as a basis of development.