The Power of Promise: Examining Nuclear Energy in India

Review in Livemint and excerpts in Newsclick

February 25, 2013
A recent review in Livemint

and excerpts from Chapter 1 in Newsclick

Review in the Hindustan Times

February 23, 2013
The latest review was in the Hindustan Times's Best Sellers of the Week.
Nuke nastiness
Sankar Ray
February 23, 2013

The Power of Promise: Examining Nuclear Energy in India
MV Ramana
Penguin Viking
Rs 699  pp400
What do you have to dispose of except night soil?" retorted Satyendranath Bose reacting to a paper on the disposal of nuclear waste by Homi Sethna
at a conference on the developme...
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February 10, 2013
Two new reviews of the book this week.

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About the Uranium Film Festival

January 21, 2013

has a nice report on the Uranium Film Festival as it toured Delhi. He concludes that "The Uranium Film Festival reminds us of the hubris of technology, of the unconscionable costs of development, and of the moral imperative to rethink the ends and means of nuclear energy."

Somewhere in the middle of the report he has some nice words for the Power of Promise:
Princeton University’s MV Ramana calculates a subsidy of over Rs 12,000 per kg of heavy water in his excellent re...
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Discount sellers

January 15, 2013
A number of online sites seem to be selling the book at discounted prices. Here are a few. Note, this is not meant as endorsement of any.

Southasia books


Search results on bookfinder

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Mail Today review reproduced in author's blog

January 12, 2013
The review by Dinesh Sharma has been reproduced on the author's blog at:
This is easier to provide a direct link to.

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First post-publication review

January 6, 2013
In today's (6 January 2013) Mail Today, Dinesh C. Sharma reviewed my book.


Tomes on India's nuclear establishment are seldom racily written or free from rhetoric. Here's
a notable exception from a Princeton scholar

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Where you can get the book

January 1, 2013
Through the Penguin website and uread
On Amazon
On Flipkart

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